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Go here to find natural products to help for common health problems in the skin, the heart and circulation, the digestion, the respiratory system, the nerves and mental status, the muscles and joints, the urogenital system, the hormonal ballance and more.

Please also see further down for exhibited products to enhance sexual satisfaction, increase beauty, build strength and solve common health problems

Polls to investigate what happens with people by authorities in the medical fields and in other sectors of commuity

Interesting research polls about strange or intrusive medical and psycological exams or procedures kids and adults are subjected to. You can use these polls to tell your own history or the history of someone you know about. The polls already have a lot of interesting testamonials you can read and comment upon.



Have you ever seen or experienced authorities do something strange, unexpected or abusive? With authorities are meant, doctors, nurses, dentists, psychologists, teachers, child protective agencies, sport coaches, police, military, public clarks, and the like. Tell about it here with as many details as possible.

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Extended, mandatory well-child examination under anesthesia - where the kid undergo endoscopic inspections in the intimate zone and other body areas, extensive ultrasound inspections, ex-rays of several body zones, intrusive specimen collection and body function testings:

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Poll about cystoscopy or bladder inspections in kids and adults:

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Secret, intimate, intrusive medical exams and procedures under anesthesia on kids and adults:

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Have your ever been called in or taken away for a strange physical or psychological exam that you did not understand the reason for, or was totally unexpected? Please tell about your experience.

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Investigation of memories of alien abduction or similar events, like abduction for surveillance and experimentation by governments or mafias

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Articles about health, fitness and sexuality

Here you find a list of informational articles about health and body improvement. You can find information about how you can maintain good health, about ways to get rid of health problems, about fitness enhancement methods. You can also read advices about how to solve sexual problems, increase sexual abilities and maximize your sexual satisfaction.


About stem cells

About the anatomy and physiology of the skin

What are hormones and neurotransmittors and how do they work

Alpha-lipoic-acid and essential fatty acids

About joints - the anatomy and function of joints


About kinesiology

About osteopathy

Urine therapy - the practice of using urine as a medicine

About things done to children and adults under anesthesia and never told about


Diet and nutrients that prevent or help cure cancer


About disease prevention and anti-aging - how to keep yourself young and healthy

How to get a strong immune system and prevent infections

Uses and benefits of olive oil

How to get a flat and nice stomach

What good and bad fat can do to your health

How to perform body massage

About stress and tension. Good methods for deep relaxation

About glyconutrients

Common spices that can help against health problems

The health benefits you can get by consuming papaya fruit and seeds


Atherosclerosis - causes, symptoms, prevetion and treatment

How to prevent coronary heart disease and heart attack

The vein and lymph pumps - what are they

Hypertension - causes, mechanisms and treatment

Conjestive heart failure

Angina pectoris


Hypothyroidism - a common disease and wellness problem

Allergy - how to prevent or alleviate allergy

Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and help against these conditions

About edema - how to reduce edema

Diabetes type 1

Diabetes type 2



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Understanding over-weight - how to successfully get slim

The psychology of obesity

Physiological aspects of obesity

Practical measures to get slim

How to reduce an excessive appetite

How to increase the fat and sugar burning and elimination

About night eating syndrome and other new scientific findings about over-weight




Depression - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment options

About smoking addicion

What is meditation - How to meditate

Sleep problems and treatments for problems with the sleep

Carpal tunnel syndrome - causes, symptoms and treatments

About Altzheimer's disease and methods to help Altsheimer sufferers to do better

Attention and hyperactivity problems and possible ways to help against these problems

Poor cognitive functions and poor memoy and possible treatments

About psychotherapy


Allergies, allergy treatment and prevention

About colds and flu

About chronic bronchitis

Otitis media or ear infection


Some dietary advices to reduce rheumatism and rheumatic pain

Rheumatoid fever - conventional and natural treatment against rheumatoid fever

Osteoarthritis and treatments against osteaoarthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis - how to alleviate rheumatoid arthritis

Fibromyalgia - how to get rid of fibromyalgia symptoms

Osteoporosis, its prevention and treatment

About scoliosis, how scoliosis is detected and the treatment of scoliosis


Simple tantric yoga excercises to improve health and sexual abilities

The erogenous zones and sexual feelings of men

About the G-spot and all other erogenous zones in women

Herbs with sexual improvement effects

Virility and potency - these concepts defined

Peyronie's disease causing abnormal penis bending - symptoms, causes and treatment

Advanced masturbation tips for men and women

About rectal masturbation and anal sex with a lover

A survey of natural penis development methods

Penis enhancement surgery

About the erection mechanism and process

Erection problems and treatment of erection problems

How to avoid and treat premature ejaculation

How to increase your sexual excitement

About menopause


ROSACEA - symptoms, causes and treatment

Hair loss - symptoms, causes and treatment options

About the benefits and danger of sun exposure

About Acne - what you can do to cure or alleviate acne

How to keep your skin young and healthy - how to cure wrinkles


Jogging - about benefits and ways to do it

Advices to get the right body shape by body-building

Diet advices for body-builders

How to do effective bodybuilding

How to perform effective stretching

About unhealthy and abusive methods to develop competition athletes from kids and teens, steadily more commonly used in sport clubs and athlete schools


Hemorrhoids - what can you do to get rid of hemorrhoids

How to get rid of stomach and bowel problems

About constipation

About Chron's disease


About the Zika virus and the disease it causes

About ebola, the causes of ebola and how it is treated and managed


About premenstrual syndrome

Dry vagina and vulva or vulvovaginal dryness

Muscular tension in the vagina or vaginismus

Prostate hyperplacia or benign prostate hypertrophy and help against prostate problems

About problems boys before and during puberty often have with urination and how these can be solved

Some more information and article sources - another websites with many good health. spiritual and lifestyle advices

Some products for health and body improvements

Here are direct link to some of the natural drugs for improvement of health and sexual life

Natural medicine to increae your memory, allertnes and all other aspects of brain capacity - Brain Pills - These pills will help you learn and meomrize more effectively and more effectively mobilize meorized information for use. They will make you more allert and able to better recognize patterns and happenings. They will help you think quicker and manipulate more complex information while thinking. They will take a way mental exhausetion and make you able to endure harder mental work and work mentally longer time.

VigRXPlus - pills for men to enhance erection potency, increase erection size and boost good feelings - click here

Provestra - pills for women to stimulate lubrication, sexual functions, dezire and feelings - click here

VigRXoil- cream for men to give immediate erections and good feelings - click here

Vigorelle - cream for women to stimulate functions in the genital region and tease up her most intimate sensations - click here

Natural drug to help against water retention in body parts, body part swellings, oedema or lymphoedema - Capicette

Pills to help cure hemorrhoids - Avatrol

Help for edema / lymphedema - capicette

Help for hypothyroidism / sluggish thyroid - causing weight gain, exhaustion, depression, constipation, poor memory, etc - Thyax

Acne treatment pills - Actimin

HCAFit - to reduce your appetite and this way help you go down in weight - contains extract of the herb Garcinia cambogia

Chlorogen 800 metabolic booster - helps slimming by increasing fat and sugar metabolizm and vigorizes you - contains green coffee bean extract

Here are direct links to good online shops of natural medicine for health and fitness enhancement

Go here for: Innovative rejuvenation products for inner body structures, physical abilities, mental abilities, sexual power, body shape and skin appearance. Products to enhance sexual life in all means. Help to slim down. Help to get rid of unwanted hair and grow more hair on the head. Help to get better health in the blood circulation, the joints, the skin and the digestion.

Natural drugs for help against many common ailments - oral pills or capsules - Urinary tract infection, yeast infection or candidiasis, vitiigo, diarrhoea, premenstrual syndrome, acne, aging symptoms, AIDS, allergies, Alzheimers disease/dementia, angina, arthritis (osteoarthritis), arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis), asthma, attention deficit disorder (ADD), burns, carpal tunnel syndrome, cholesterol, cronic bronchitis, chronic cough, chronic fatigue sydrom, cognitive problems, colds and flue, congestive heart failure (CHF), Crohn`s disease, depression, diabetes mellitus type 1, diabetes mellitus type 2, eczema, edema, endometriosis, fatigue, fibromyalgia, hair loss, herpes simplex, hyperlipidemia, hypertention, obesity, otitis media. For each of the products you will find a thorrough documentation about effects and ingredients

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A lot of fitness items and natural products targeted at specific health problems - natural oral and topical medicines, therapy equipment, products to give support and comfort - Health produts for children and adults - All kind of equipment to enhance fitness and help by health problems, including massage equipment, bath and body items, equipment for bodily examination, beauty products, skin care, equipment to improve sexual life, physical therapy products, exercise items, natural medicines for oral and topical use and a lot more.

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Walgreens Contact Lenses

Vitamin Shoppe - A great shop of herbs, herbal medicines, vitamins, minerals, training supplements, spices, coffes and quitchen equipment - The shop also sells all kind of herbs, spices, coffees and teas in bulk. If you are searching for a particular product within these areas, you are likely to find it here. Here you will alson find a huge inventory of supplements for slimming, to stimulate muscle growth, to nourish the growth of muscles, to give you energy for training, to prevent health problems and to solve manifest health issues.

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Cosmetics and skin care

Cosmeticss, make-up, skin care for affordable prizes - In this shop you can find virtually all cosmetic and skin care products of the famous brands in the World for affordable prizes. The shop has sections in several languages and it sends to you all over the world.

Products for rejuvenation, muscular strength, condition and general fitness

Products for rejuvenation of the skin and the whole body, for cleaning out impurities, to boost wellness and to trim up your skin, your body shape and your hair quality - In this store you can find many good product to rinse your skin, your stomach and your body generally from accumulated vastes. You find product for skin and hair rejunevation. There are products to help to relax and feel comfortable mentally and physically.

Rejuvination products for the whole body and products to enhance sexual functions and satisfaction
Anti-aging medicines for the skin, joints, circulation, digestion and body shape. Products for acne, rosacea, hair loss, too much body hair, muscle loss and degeneration, acid reflux, colon problems and joint issues.

Solutions for men's and women's issues. Here you will find products to help you get better genital lubrification,  help for anatomical problems with your genital organs, items to help you get better erections, products to enhance your sexual drive, products to increase the good feelings in your sexual body parts,  medicines to enhance your fertility, your semen production or semen quality. Buy clicking at this banner, you will enter a page that can guide you to the products most fit for your own needs,  based on characteristics of your own sexual life and your  whishes for sexual life changes.

Please click here to see the products for rejuvination and sexual optimalization

Medical and nursing equipment - including braces and orthopedic for children and adults

MASSAGE TOOLS, BRACES AND ORTHOPEDIC EQUIPMENT - for protection, support, therapy and sport activities - This is a general medical equipment shop where you also can find a lot of products like massage tools, braces and orthopedic equipment for protection, support and therapy. There is electrical and manual massage tools for home use and professional settings. You find all kind of support and protection to be used during sport activities and in daily life. There are any type of brace for use for orthopedic therapies.You can also find equipment for physical therapy types here, like heat therapy, cold therapy, infrared therapy and ultrasound treatment.

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT FOR AFFORDABLE PRIZES - Equipment for medical treatment and nursing of many kinds: Enama equipment, orthopaedic items, catheters and urinary support, equipment for cardiac and circulatory support, respiratory items, exercise gears, items for ulcer and injury nursing, and much more.

Pages with exhibited health improvement products

Natural drugs to help for diseases - hormonal, nervous, heart and circulatory, rheumatic, digstive, urogenital, weight problems

Cosmetics and help for skin problems - acne, eczema, rosacea, stretchmarks, warts, vitiligo, psoriasis

Natural products to prevent disease and to enhance condition and wellbeing

Products to improve sexual life and solve genital problms for men and women


Fat consume and heart disease reduction

What are essential fatty acids

What is trans-fat

What is conjugated linoleic acid