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Further down there is information about the best selling cars, about car audio installation and about how the speach sounds in languages are produced and classified.

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Welcome to this presentation of good online collections of car repair parts, equipment for car performance upgrade and parts to enhance the comfort of your car.

Some of the products form the collections are also exhibited. Down on this site there is also an article about the best selling cars, and an article about car speaker installation.

Warehouses for spare parts and upgrade items for cars and other vehicles

Good general online stores for vehicle parts and equipment - Here are four good online stores for vehicle parts and eccessories presented. They are all general warehouses with all kind of equipment, but each of them have an especially great inventory of certain type of equipment as indicated.

Autoanything - Much to find within parts for the electric system, brakes, exhaust system, lightings, mirrors, locks, doors, car body, stearing, fuel system, performance upgrade, wheels, breaks and suspention. Also a strong inventory of car audio equipment.

AutoAnything - Parts & Accessories

Autobarn - a great inventory in seat parts, seat and floor covers, internal consoles, car electronics, communication equipment, car radio and video, styling, garage tools, security equipment, wash and grooming, cargo handling and comodities for journeys.

Auto Barn - Shop on-line at our 5-Star Rated Site

All kind of 4 wheel transmission and suspension parts and all other parts, equipment and tools for cars with 4 wheel drift. Also offroad tools and cargo handling equipment. - Your Off-Road Superstore

Partsgeek - a strong inventory of motor parts, transmission parts, cargo handling and most mechanical parts.

Discount Auto Parts

DHgate - a general warehouse for car electronics, GPS systems, electronics for homes and workplaces and much more - This shop have a great inventory of electronic products for cars and other vehicles. It is a general warehouse with a lot of other techical products. Here you can find all kind of optical, communicational and audiovisual equipment for hobby, education and professional use, like cameras, telescopes, microscopes, cell phones, audio and video players, screens, loudspeakers, TV sets, home theaters. You can also find home decorations, jewelry, cosmetic, fashion and rc models.

A few of the products exhibited

Kicker C-Series Complete Amplifier Installation Kits

Kicker C-Series Complete Amplifier Installation Kits

Car Audio Installation Accessories by Kicker. Kicker C-Series Complete Amplifier Installation Kits Features - Wire up your amp with confidence using the Kicker C Series Amp Install Kit. Packed with all the gear you need for a safe, secure installation. Hyper-Flex cabling handles the power, ground and turn-on. K-Series speaker wire makes sure your audio come out crystal clear. AFS fuse holder keeps your system safe from surges. Kicker C-Series Complete Amplifier Installation Kits.

MTX Thunder Amplifier THUNDER500.1 Mono Amplifier

MTX Thunder Amplifier THUNDER500.1 Mono Amplifier

Car Amplifiers by MTX. MTX Thunder Amplifier Features - Deliver loads of power in a small package with the MTX Thunder Amplifier. Two class D mono blocks and a full-range class A/B four-channel model ensure a great sound. Surface mount design nullifies vibration for reliable performance under harsh conditions. Allows you to crossover tune a wide range of speakers to suit your particular audio tastes. MTX Thunder amps stay cool thanks to an extruded heat sink-no fan required. MTX Thunder Amplifier - 400, 500, 1000W Amps. For the top selection of MTX Car Audio shop online today. The MTX Thunder Amplifier - 400, 500, 1000W Amps will improve and personalize your vehicle.

MTX Marine Amplifier WET75.4 4-Channel Amplifier

MTX Marine Amplifier WET75.4 4-Channel Amplifier

Car Amplifiers by MTX. MTX Marine Amplifier Features - Get quality performance and awesome sound no matter where you are with MTX Marine Amplifiers. IP 55-rated for durable weather-resistance, short of a hurricane. Surface mount design makes for a secure connection to the conformal-coated circuit board, restricting music vibration. Comes with stainless steel hardware, rubber gaskets around interconnects & plastic control covers to keep harmful moisture out of the circuit board. Mount MTX Marine Amps mount virtually anywhere thanks to its smaller than normal chassis. MTX Marine Amplifier - 100, 200, 400, 500W Marine Amps.

MTX XThunder Amplifier

MTX XThunder Amplifier

Car Amplifiers by MTX. MTX XThunder Amplifier Features - Power even the most demanding systems with a premium MTX XThunder Amplifier. Cast aluminum heat sink cools critical components enabling them to play louder and longer. Dual-sided circuit board with surface mount technology provides added vibration resistance. Low-profile design is ideal for flush mounting in your custom installation. Removable endcaps ease connections and deliver a clean look when reinstalled. MTX XThunder Amplifier - 500, 800, 1200 & 1500W Amps.

Wolo Infinity 1 Halogen Roof Mount Light Bars

Wolo Infinity 1 Halogen Roof Mount Light Bars

Wolos new INFINITY 1 light bar is a true 360 degrees of unobstructed warning light. Designed to be dual-level...

Wolo Priority 1 Roof Top Halogen Warning Light Bars

Wolo Priority 1 Roof Top Halogen Warning Light Bars

Priority 1 Mini Bar Light 360 degree warning light 2 gear-driven rotating lights that flash...

Rugged Ridge Aerodynamic Roof Top Storage Bag

Rugged Ridge Aerodynamic Roof Top Storage Bag

The Rugged Ridge Aerodynamic Roof Top Storage bag is designed for complete weatherproof protection of...

Wolo Road Warrior Roof Mount Truck Horn

Wolo Road Warrior Roof Mount Truck Horn

The ROAD WARRIOR is a powerful air horn that will produce the same high output sound that a big rig truck...

Swagman Coronado Kayak Carrier - Kayak Roof Racks

Swagman Coronado Kayak Carrier - Kayak Roof Racks

Canoe Carriers & Kayak Racks by Swagman. Swagman Coronado Kayak Carrier Features - Make a break for the lake with your boat safely strapped to the Swagman Coronado Kayak Rack. Saddle–style kayak carrier that pivots to match the shape of your hull. Delivers a firm grip that's safe on your vessel. Includes two cam–buckle tie downs to secure your kayak in place, plus bow and stern straps for added stability. Universally designed to mount to round, square and 2.5" oval crossbars. Swagman Coronado Kayak Carrier - Best Price & Free Shipping on Swagman Coronado Kayak Roof Racks.

Thule Roof Rack Load Bars

Thule Roof Rack Load Bars

Base for Thule Multipurpose Rack Systems Sold as a set of two bars Your specific length will...

Bayco 120 LED Cordless Rechargeable Under Hood Worklight

Bayco 120 LED Cordless Rechargeable Under Hood Worklight

Rechargeable 120 premium LEDs 35000 hour life Full 2 rows or half 1 row power lighting ...

Ford Focus Auto Ventshade Aeroskin Hood Protector 2008-2010

Ford Focus Auto Ventshade Aeroskin Hood Protector 2008-2010

The Auto Ventshade Aeroskin Aero Dynamic Hood Protection combines innovative and superior engineering...

Under Hood Light And Lightperch Combo

Under Hood Light And Lightperch Combo

Gives hands-free lighting of the entire engine compartment. Works on all passenger cars and light duty...

Lisle Hood Prop

Lisle Hood Prop

Includes a standard hood prop plus a support to help prevent the bottom of the tool from slipping...

Jeep Wrangler JK Chrome Folding Side Mirrors-Pair 2007-2011

Jeep Wrangler JK Chrome Folding Side Mirrors-Pair 2007-2011

Customize your Jeep Wrangler JK with the Chrome Replacement Side Mirrors. Made to look like the original...

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Good general hobby stores where you also can find instruments for hobby science - In addition to RC models and airsoft guns, you can also find microscopes, telescopes, metal detectors, chemistry kits, electronic kits and components, physics kits, technology kits and other hobby scientific products. The first of these stores has a very great inventory of electronic circuits and components.

Trend Times Toy Store

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Best selling cars in the USA and worldwide

Here are some information about the best selling cars in the USA and the world in several epoches.

In 2010 The best celling car series were: 1 - Ford F-Series, 2 - Cheverolet Silverado, 3 - Toyota Camry, 4 -a Honda Accord, 5 - Toyota Corolla, 6 - Honda Civic, 7 - Nissan Altima, 8 Ford Fusion, 9 Honda CR-V, 10 - Dodge RAM.

Ford F-series has actually been the best selling car in the USA for 34 years. Silverado managed to get the second place from Toyota Camry in 2010, probably due to the quality and security problems with Toyota cars. Still these problems has not have a too hard impact on the sales figures for Toyota. Toyota has a long time reputation of making cars of high security and reiability, and people probably think that they soon get back into the right track again

After WW2 Volkswagen beetle  is said to be the best selling car model worldwide, And then comes Toyota Corolla. Before WW2 the Ford T-model was the best celling car model.

The 5 bestselling cars of all times are these: Toyota Corolla with 35.000.000 cars sold, Ford F-series with 25.000.000 cars sold, then Volkswagen Golf with 24 million cars sold. Then comes the Volkswagen Beetle with 21,529,464 of them sold and then the Ford T-model with 16,500,000 sold.

The Ford F-series is still little sold outside America, so the figure tells how important this car is in that part of the worl.

Beginner's Guide to Car Audio Installation - DIY

By Duane Boodasingh

Speaker Positioning

Speaker installation is very critical for performance. Whether you spent $1000 or $10,000 on a set of speakers, if they are not properly installed, they would not sound as they should. Even though it may seem that the best position for most speakers are in the stock housing's that came with the car e.g. on the door panel near your feet, this is just not so. You would see why such positions are still used however along with alternative solutions such as center channels for 5.1 dolby, LCD screen, in-dash DVD players. There are many factors that need to be considered in placing the speakers in the correct position.


The first thing to consider is distance. If the left speaker is only a couple feet away from your ears, while the right speaker is several feet away from you, then the sound will arrive at different times giving you poor sound. Since the left speaker is closer, it sounds louder. The best solution is to figure out a location where the difference between the distance of the right speaker to your ears and left speaker (also known as path length difference), are minimal. This is where kick panels become the preferred location.

Multiple Speaker Placement

If you have a system with two or more speakers per side, you need to try out different locations to obtain the best possible sound in your car. If you have a 2-way system with a tweeter and sub per side. The subs are mounted in the stock location at the bottom of the door. The tweeters are mounted high up on the front corner of the door panel. From the driver's seat, you can see that there are 4 speakers all aimed towards different orientations and all at a different distance to your ears. This interaction of sound waves at different frequencies arriving at your ears at different times seldom sounds good. The best thing to do is to position the woofer and tweeter on each side as close as possible to each other. This is also why kick panels are used so much these days. Professional installers do use some tricks such as inverting the tweeters' polarity when mounted for example on top of the dash while the woofers are low. Achieving good sound with unconventional mounting schemes is very, very hard and is only achieved after plenty of time has been spent trying different configurations.


Our ears can distinguish the direction of sound more easily at higher frequencies. This means that aiming the mids, and most importantly, tweeters towards your ears play a critical role in sound imaging. Midbases are not so critical, but should be also aimed towards the listener's ears if possible. To figure out the best aiming angle involves many hours -even days- of work. To start, try to aim the speakers towards the center of the car. Play around with different angles until you obtain the best sounding position. Subwoofers should be mounted up front for best sound. Since this is not possible in most cars, mounting subs in the back is not such a bad thing, since most people can't distinguish where bass comes from. If you have good midbases going down to 60 Hz or less and subs picking up the signal below 60 Hz, then the bass will seem to come from the front.


Subwoofers need a properly designed enclosure to give top performance. Midbases and mids also do sound much better if they are installed in enclosures. The best sounding and easier to build enclosure type for midbases and mids is sealed.

Mounting Speakers

If you are using speakers that fit into the stock location, make sure there are no spaces or holes. Sometimes building a wood or fiberglass baffle helps reduce holes and gives you much better sound. Always be careful when using power tools around speakers. Holes in speakers usually are not covered by the warranty. For unconventional speaker locations, sometimes metal has to be cut. If you have the resources, plasma cutters and pneumatics tools work great. For most of us that do not have these tools, a pair of metal snips (left and right cut) will do the job.

Take your time to plan your system and dont just buy brand and product for the sake of popularity. Sometimes the simplest system is the most effective.

Get more Auto and Car Audio Video help.

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The Speach Sounds in Languages and How they Are Made

Broadly speaking, the speach sounds can be divided in two categories, the vowels that are made without the tongue or any other part touching any other part in the mouth, and the consonants where the tongue or parts in the throut touch one or more other parts.

A speach sound can involve using the vocal cords together with other anatomical parts, which produce a voiced sound, or the vocal cords can be let slack, by which an unvoiced sound is pronounced. Usually vocals are voiced, but some languages also make use of unvoiced vocals to some extent. Consonants can be voiced or unvoiced. Often languages have pairs of consonants of which the only difference is voicing or lack thereoff. In Enflish you have the pairs v-f and s-z. The pairs p-b, t-d and k-g have that difference, but often there are other differences too in these.


One classifies vowels mainly in four properties. One property is how long backwards or frontwards you direct the tongue. The vowel can thus be front, mid or back.

One also classifies vowels according to how high the tongue is rised towards the plate. Vowels can thus be low, mid orhigh in horisontal direction.

When one pronounce a vowel, one can do it with the lips and tongue rounded, and thus a vowel is either unround or round.

During pronunciation you can also have the soft palate high so that mainly the mouth will rsonate, by which the vowel is called oral, or one can lower the soft palate so that some of the sound will resonate in the nose, by which it is called nasal.

By this classification it is possible to make 36 distinct vowels, but very few languages make use of anything near to this number.

When two or three vowels stand together, it is possible to go smoothly from pronunciation of one to the other and so that one of the vowels have the most marked stress or tone. Such combinations are called diphthongues and triphtongues.

A vowel in such a combination that is not the marked one, is often called a half-vowel.


Consonants vary according to where the parts of the articular apparatus meet each other.

The lips can meet, by which one pronounce a labial sound. The tip of the tongue can touch the teeth, making an apico-dental sound, usually only called dental.

If the tongue tip is placed against the area just behind the teeth, you get an apico-alveolar sound, or just alveolar. Few languages make an important difference betwen dental and alveolar sounds, though.

If you curl the tongue backwards an place the tip even further back against the front palete, it is called a retroflex consonant.

By placing the mid of the tongue against the mid of the palate, you get a doro-palatal sound, usually only called dorsal.

Sometimes you will encounter the wider term "platal sound" that encompasses all sounds where the tongue is used against the palate. The term includes both the retrofles and dorso-palatal sounds. It is for example also possible to stretch the tongue foreawrd and place the bak of the sound against the mid palate. Such sounds are also often just called palatal.

By placing the bacl of the tongue against the border between the hard and soft plate, you get a velar sound, and when placing it at the very back rim of the soft palate and uvula, you get what is called an uvular sound.

It is also possible to press the root of the tongue backwards against the back wall of the throut, by which you will have a pharyngeal sound. In English the "h" is pronounced this way sometimes.

The vocal cord can be used in a way that you get a consonantal sound, and not a voicig, by which you get a glottal consonant.


CONSONANTS do not differ only by the places they are articulated, but also according to mode of articulation.

By pressing the tongue and other parts only slightly together, you get an approximant, which have a very soft sound. By pressing harder together, you get a stronger hissing sound, which is called a spirant or fricative, for example f, v, s sh.

If you press the speach parts so hard together that the air stream is stopped, and then let open, you get an explosive sound called a clusile or stop. Examples are p, t, k, b, d, g.

You can press the speach parts together so that the air is stopped in the mouth, but lower at the same time the soft plate so that the air is let out through the nose, which will produce a nasal sound, like m, n and ng.

By pressing the mid of the tongue upwards, but have space at each side of the tongue, or possibly only at one side too, you get a latteral, of which l is an example.

If you negotiate the force when you press the speach parts together and the force of the airstream so that a distinct turbulence is probounced, you get a rolled sound. The r is a rolled sound in many languages and in variants of English.


In addition to place of articulation and the primary mode of articulation, consonants often will have other properties, of which use of the vocal cord si that they get voiced is the most usual. Thus you can get voiced consonants contrasting with unvoiced as two different speach sounds. In English you hare umvoiced-voied pairs like f-v, s-z, p-b, t-d, k-g.

Snother additional property is aspiration, by which one lets the consonant gradually change into a breath sound. In English this property alone do not distinguish two speach sounds, but the stops p, t, k tend to be aspirated while b, d, g tend not to be.

Still another property is glottalization by which one closes the vocal cords too when pronouncing a consonantso thatyou get an elevate pressure between the vocal cords and the place where you prinarily articulate the sound. This elevated pressure can be used in different ways. By glottalized stops one will typically release the lock at the primary articulation point at the same time than you release the lock in the vocal cords, or a little thereafter, so that the elevated pressure gives a more explosive sound.

Still another added property is palatalization by which you let the mid ot the tongue get nearer to the mid of the plate when you articulate the consonant primarily in another way.

Then you have labialization consisting of rounding the lips when you articualate the consonant in another main manner. In English one thends to round the lips already when pronounceing a consonant before a rounded vowel, but the fenomenon in English is nothing more than a preparation for making the next sound.


The sounds in a word are grouped into unit called syllables, which consist of one sound, usually a vowel, with a more marked stress or tune than the other sounds in the syllable. Also one of the syllables in the word use to have more marked stress or tune than the others, and this is called the accented syllable. These differences make it easier to distinguish words form each other. In some languaguages harder stress is the main way of mark out an accented syllable, in others a higher or lower tune, and in many both is used simultaneously.

But many languages can pronounce the syllables with different tone patterns and these differences can distinguish words from each other. Syllables can have high, low, mid, falling, rising or even more complicated tume patterns.

In English the accented syllable have a harder stress and usually a higher tone than the others. The place of the accent may distinguish words, but not the tone pattern. In Chinese the tone patterns play a great role for distinguishing words and meanings. In European languages tune patterns to tistinguish words are not very usual.

You find some of it it Norwagian, Swedish and Serbocroatian. In Swedish or Norwegian the accented syllable can have a law tune or a falling tune, and the others have a high tune. The place of the accented syllable and the choise between law or falling tune are used to differentiate meaning of lexical and grammatical kind.

In addition to word tune pattern, there are also sentence melodies in most languages. Usually the tune will gradually rise or fall from the beginning to the end of a sentence. Surprizingly many languages can show the difference between affirmative and interrogative setences only by the sentense melody. Usually the affirmative sentenses have a falling tune pattern throughout the sentence, while an interrogative sebtence often will have a rising tune.

But this does not hold for all languages. Norwegian, for example, and also many American English variants, allways have a rising tune throughout the sentences, and mark question by word order or added elements.

Even thogh the tune gradually rises or falls throughout a sentense, the tune and stress differnces within each word are maintained.